With a signature Rose Water fragrance, this gentle mist helps to brighten, hydrate and revitalise the skin after cleansing or at any time during the day. Can be used as a quick treatment, or a deep hydrating and brightening mask for a longer treatment.


Organic Rose Water: Moisturising and hydrating.


Aloe Vera Concentrate Powder: Well-known for its healing and rejuvenating properties. It gives hydrating, soothing properties in addition to improving skin texture.


Sodium Hyaluronate: Low molecular sodium hyaluronate for skin hydration and plumping.


White Tea Lead Tannins: Plant extract derived from White tea, reported to have a greater concentration of phenolic components than green tea because polyphenols are oxidised or destroyed to a lesser extent during processing. Tannins from tea leaves have anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and radical scavenging characteristics.


Amino Acid Derivative: With skin brightening properties that acts as a skin conditioner and pH-regulating properties. this has been demonstrated to help improve skin clarity and even skin tone.


FOR A QUICK TREATMENT:Apply onto skin as often as desired. Use with a cotton wool as a second cleanse to remove excess dirt, or spray onto skin for instant skin refresh and hydration.


FOR A LONG TREATMENT:Apply a generous amount onto cotton pads, and apply these to dry skin, leaving for 5 minutes.

The Toning Solution (200ml)