A high strength liquid exfoliator formulated to effectively and safely exfoliate skin and leave you with a smooth, radiant and luminous complexion. Ongoing use will give a more even skin tone.


Fruit Acid Blend: Including bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon that contain naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids. This concentrated blend safely exfoliates dead skin cells and stimulates skin cell renewal which promotes skin radiance.


Glycolic Acid: Effectively removes dead skin cells to reveal brighter skin.


Allantoin: Acts as a skin protectant and has soothing, anti-irritating properties.


White Willow Bark Extract Powder: An all natural, gentle skin exfoliant.


Do a patch test first before using. Stop using if irritation occurs.
Apply onto dry skin and leave for 5 minutes (slowly build skin tolerance, and can be left on for max of 10 minutes). Rinse off thoroughly. Use SPF in the morning as AHA can increase skin’s sensitivity to UV.

The Chemical Peel (30ml)