An indulgent Body Oil enriched with an invigorating blend of the purest, mood enhancing oils, designed to activate the natural healing properties of the skin.


What it is: An Active Healing Oil, of medium viscosity from our Natural Elements range, designed to activate the natural healing properties of the skin.


Enriched with natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, this repairing blend of Lavender, Tea Tree and Patchouli with Grapeseed and Peach aids recovery, whilst returning the skin back to its normal, healthy condition.


Although not an official healing product, it acts like one, with many customers reporting incredible naturopathic benefits.


Key Ingredients:

Peach: Rich in Vitamins A, E and EFA – nourishes dry, sensitive skin in need of rejuvenation

Lavender Helps to heal burns and wounds whilst reducing anxiety and emotional stress – with superior antioxidant protection alongside anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties

Tea Tree Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties – ideal to fight off infections with one study suggesting it can help provide relief from the symptoms associated with athlete’s foot

Patchouli Has cell-rejuvenating properties with the ability to reduce appearance of scars or marks on the skin

Grapeseed Rich in antioxidants to eradicate free radicals and promote the self-repair process of cells


Naturopathic Benefits:

  • Aids recovery


Skin Type:

Suitable for all skin types


Tip: Can be used as a stand-alone shaving lubricant, or as a pre-shave underneath shaving creams, soaps or gels.


Reasons to buy:

  • Handmade in UK
  • Products and raw materials are not tested on animals
  • Suitable for vegan and vegetarians
  • No petrochemicals, no parabens and no synthetic perfumes – 100% natural formula with botanical ingredients
  • Dermatologically tested
  • FYI, I’ve been using the Healing Oil on a bad scar, and 2 new moles, the latter actually appear to have diminished in size, and lost their ‘tops’!!The scar has faded and shrunk. Feel free to use this as a testimonial. Very impressed. Kind Regards, Margaret Harris



No: 8 Active Healing Oil