A Restoring Toner enriched with botanical actives to tighten pores whilst removing every last trace of makeup and pore clogging oils.


What it is: A Restoring Toner from our Natural Elements range, enriched with botanical actives to tighten pores whilst removing every trace of cleanser, makeup and pore clogging oils.


With no alcohols or artificial perfumes this synergistic blend will soften, refine and rebalance your skin without leaving delicate complexions feeling stripped, tight or vulnerable.


Key Ingredients:

Aloe Vera: Repairs and soothes skin, quickly combats irritation, inflammation and relieves sensitivity



  • Hydrates and balances PH Levels in the skin
  • Reduces the appearance of large, open pores
  • Removes drying chlorines and minerals found in tap water
  • Enhances the results of your skincare programme – recent research confirms that moist skin is TEN TIMES more permeable than dry skin. So, this means that leaving your skin damp with Toner and applying your chosen Facial Oil or Moisturiser immediately after, will allow the active ingredients in those products to penetrate deeper within the skin giving you even better results.


Skin type:

Suitable for all skin types – normal/dry/oily/combination/sensitive/mature


Tip: We recommend you use our Restoring Toner daily and in conjunction with our Purifying Cleanser, as this will leave your skin fresh to receive the nutrients contained within the subsequent steps of your skincare routine.


Reasons to buy:

  • Handmade in UK 
  • Allergen free
  • Products and raw materials are not tested on animals
  • Suitable for vegan and vegetarians
  • No petrochemicals, no parabens, no alcohol and no synthetic perfumes – 100% natural formula with botanical ingredients
  • Dermatologically tested, non-comedogenic



Restoring Toner 200ml

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