• Mrs Louise Neilson

Why are your oils called wet oils?

The standard explanation for the difference between a dry & wet oil would be that a dry oil would absorb quicker.

However, that’s not always the case & our oils aren’t just any wet oil. They are plant based wet oils infused with essential oils that allow for the fastest absorption & penetration of the skin. Yes, that means better than a dry oil.

The essential oils in our products act as the ‘carrier’ in the product & deliver all of the goodness of the product deep within the skin where it needs to be. Plant-based oils are meant to absorb and penetrate skin. These types of products allow for the essential oils to regenerate and heal the skin.

Watch out for mineral oil based products as these oils can’t penetrate the skin and they will in fact leave a coating on the surface of the skin that provides no benefit to you or your skin.

When it comes to applying oils, how you apply them to your skin (whether that’s on your face or body) does make a difference.

If you’re using a body oil, apply the oil after the shower when your skin is still damp. Not only is this adding to the moisture delivered to your skin but your pores are open & ready to accept the nutrients so the oil can really get to work.

When applying oils to the face, make sure you have a complete blank canvas and whatever you have used to wash / cleanse or clear your skin beforehand has not left any residue on the surface of your skin. Once you have clean skin, the oil is the next product you apply before any cream and certainly before any makeup application. Allow a moment for the oil to be completely absorbed before you apply anything else.

Remember to think of lymphatic drainage when you’re applying oils too. If you follow the lymphatic channels within your body & face, this will help remove toxins & get even better results.

Essential Therapy