• Mrs Louise Neilson

Unadulterated…even better than Organic!

What can be better than organic?

Unadulterated means the raw material ingredients are not mixed or diluted or any extra elements added after farming; the ingredients are complete and absolute…as they should be.

Unadulterated essential & vital oils possess not only their active ingredients, but also secondary plant metabolites and trace compounds which aid in the healing properties. Different botanical regions offer different environmental conditions: soil, climate, altitude are among the factors that affect the plant and its metabolic constituents. Even the way the plant is harvested and distilled can affect the qualities of the oil, so that makes using unadulterated raw materials in our products even more vital.

We can see exactly what has happened to that batch of ingredients from the day of creation to the day it arrives at our headquarters. Plus, most of our unadulterated oils are organically certified as well! So you get the purest and most benefiting ingredients in every Natural Elements product.

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