• Mrs Louise Neilson

The Best Fake Tan for Summer

It goes without saying that the best fake tan for summer definitely has Sienna X on the label! Our leading ‘at home’ tans are a step ahead of the competition because we’ve based them on our professional tanning range that’s used by salons across the nation for their ease of application, unparalleled colour result and long-lasting glow.

Here’s our guide on which Sienna X tanner to choose for summer:

A fast ‘no fuss’ tan

You need a tanner from our One Hour range that develops in just 60 minutes and lends the skin a gorgeous summer glow in a jiffy. Select a traditional lotion for an accelerated golden finish, a lightweight mousse for a smoother application (especially useful for blending over a hairy chest or facial hair fellas!) or a spray-and-go mist that transforms dull skin into radiant bronze at breakneck speed.

A rich full-toned tan

Summer is the ideal time to amp up your tan and go full throttle with your colour. Our Deep Self Tan Lotion will give you a holiday glow that takes 8 hours to develop and lasts for 5-7 days. The richer formulation complements light brown, olive, dark brown and black skin tones as well as those with paler complexions who want to go full-on with their colour.

A relaxed gradual tan

Slow and steady wins the race! Our Gradual Self Tan Lotion is the number one choice for achieving a breezy tan that you can customise to your heart’s content. Simply apply in the same way as a moisturiser and get on with your day as the gentle colour slowly develops into a natural-looking tan before washing off after 8 hours. Want to take it up a notch? Apply again as often as you like, layer up the moisturising formula and create a finish that suits your skin tone, your mood and the glorious summer sunshine.