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How to look after menopausal skin

How to look after menopausal skin

Whether you have opted for HRT or are trying your best to avoid it as long as you can, you will be noticing some serious changes that feel out of your control.

Your skin is likely to be one of them. We’ve been asking women just like you what their skin experience is like during menopause & what their top concerns were. From the feedback we received, we’ve pulled together some suggestions on what will help manage your skin concerns during the menopause stages.

Age spots & sun damage suddenly appears

It’s very common to think you’ve got away with the years of sun worshipping until you hit menopause & along come the age spots & pigmentation.

If you have any large areas of pigmentation or age spots then we definitely recommend visiting your doctor, unfortunately the risk of skin cancer and pre-cancerous skin growths become a lot more common at this stage of life.

Our Revital Facial Oil has been developed purely for sun damaged skin & pigmentation so makes the perfect option for those with these concerns. It’s a powerful Anti-Ageing oil designed to refresh, nourish and stimulate mature skin whilst encouraging cell turnover and protecting against Free Radical damage. Including a synergistic blend of Rose, Jojoba, Peach, Neroli & Sandalwood to instantly plump, tone and balance skin, whilst addressing sun damage and minimising pigmentation complaints.

My knee brushed past the chair ever so slightly & now I have a bruise

As estrogen levels fall our skin becomes thinner & thinner skin bruises more easily. Now there is little you can do to physically thicken your skin but you can keep it as protected as possible and give it everything it needs to reduce any healing time.

Our Active Healing Body Oil contains the purest, mood enhancing oils all designed to activate the natural healing properties of the skin. Benefits include aiding cell recovery, reduce damage and scars from burns or skin abrasion, stretch mark prevention & it’s great for muscle recovery too!

My skin has got so dry

During menopause, our skin can lose some ability to hold water which does mean that our skin can become quite dry. This is especially noticeable in the winter months when the air around us tends to be quite dry.

Hydrating your skin is easy! Have a good diet, drinks lots of water & maintain a consistent skincare regime to keep your skin topped up all year round.

Even if you don’t use our range, always opt for natural products. When your skin has gone into hormonal turmoil, the last thing you want to do is add chemical rich products to through it further out of balance & potentially cause damage or a reaction.

If you are using our products (well done you), here’s what we think for dry skin solutions.

First step is the obvious, clean your skin! If you’re a traditionalist that likes to cleanse & tone, then go for the Purifying Cleanser with the Restoring Toner. Or if you want a quick & simple wash that requires no more than a sink and a running tap, go for the Clarifying Face Wash. Just remember you shouldn’t use a toner with the Clarifying face wash, it isn’t needed.

Then you need your oil. The holy grail! If sun damage or pigmentation is also a concern, go for the Revital Facial Oil. If you want the all-rounder, give me what you got & make me look 21 again then go for the Infinity Super Oil. This is our number 1 anti-ageing oil.

Then the Moisturising Face Cream is the perfect addition to seal in that goodness from the oil & keep your skin hydrated, fresh & vibrant all day long.

My hair is falling out at a rate of knots

That sounds like a bad pun but during menopause the hair on head can really start to thin. Some are lucky & continue with a full head of hair as they’ve always had but some notice their parting starting to widen as the first step. Some even report finding their hairline starts to recede.

We’ve had lots of customers report that our Invigorating Shampoo has improved their hair loss! It’s a delicate & non-irritating formula packed with vitamins & fatty acids to stimulate the hair follicles, strengthen the existing hair & promote hair elasticity.

Jowls, slack skin & wrinkles

Studies have shown that in the first 5 years of menopause, your skin loses about 30% of its collagen. But don’t worry, after that it slows down to about 2% every year for the next 20 years.

As collagen levels in our skin get lower, our skin loses its firmness & begins to sag so now is the time you will notice the most dramatic difference in the appearance of lines & wrinkles so maintaining your collagen levels as best you can is vital if you are concerned about lines & wrinkles.

As we’ve mentioned above, if sun damage & pigmentation is a concern for you go for the Revital Facial Oil as this is combined with all the collagen boosting & elastin strengthening properties.

Our Luxury Facial Oil has been specifically designed to plump fine lines & wrinkles, whilst repairing weakened tissue & replenishing the skins elasticity.

Or there’s the Super Infinity Oil which is your all-round anti-ageing extraordinaire!

I’m far too old to be getting spots

Unfortunately, one of the many joys of menopause is the breakouts. A lot of women will develop teenage like acne during this hormone drop.

Just because the spots resemble those of a teenager, doesn’t mean they can be treated the same. Remember our skin is now a lot thinner & drier so the treatments available to the youngens won’t work for our skin. If anything, they’ll probably really sting & irritate the spots.

Our Balancing Facial Oil is PERFECT for these types of symptoms. Developed to take control of skin that is displaying concerns like hormonal breakouts & menopausal acne, it’s been formulated to quickly restore equilibrium to stressed or congested skin without blocking the pores. It’s also got the added benefits from the Grapefruit & Peach oils which are there to combat fine lines, wrinkles & dark spots as well as promote cell regeneration and encourage suppleness & elasticity.

If you have specific concerns about your skin & how to change your regime to suit your newly (or not newly) menopausal skin then please just get in touch with us. We’ve been doing this for 20 years and have an abundance of knowledge. Creating relationships with our customers isn’t about sales, it’s about understanding the different types of people out there, their concerns & figuring out together what works best for them!

All products can be found in our online shop. Can't see it? Simply contact us and we will be happy to help.

Posted by Kelly Duncan, Natural Elements Skincare