• Mrs Louise Neilson

Are you really natural?

When we began formulating in 1998 (natural elements launched later in 2001) most of the beauty industry didn’t believe in natural products. The word ‘organic’ hadn’t reached the lips of many skin care consumers. It was a niche ‘underground’ movement.

Today the natural/organic niche accounts for 70% of skin care sales. The personal care industry has an abundant of so called “natural brands”. Although this is the step in the right direction, it’s also one of the biggest grey areas in the skin care world (and the one area we want to clarify everyone on).

Some brands claim to be highly natural, and yet only a small percentage of the formulation actually contains ingredients from natural sources. The rest of the formulation is made of minerals, perfumes and petro-chemical ingredients, which makes using it a pointless exercise as the petro-chemical bases will affect the natural ingredients doing their job effectively.

Many of you tell us “I’m using a natural product at the moment” when we ask what your using…1 in 3 of those products you tell us is not natural and don’t even contain natural actives. Amanda from Devon (shout out to Amanda! X) ended up googling all her families bathroom products. She ended throwing out 17 products that day after what she learned about what these ingredients are doing to her family and the environment.

100% natural skin care brands don’t get away easily either! Organic formulations aren’t always that clever, most of them contain gimmicky or exotic ingredients because they sound nice, but can be quite irritating to sensitive skin.

They also use a lot of bees wax or Shea butter ingredients, which is not ideal for majority of people. It’s very heavy on the skin and not a great ingredient when it comes to anti-ageing. We’ve been responsible for adding in naturals in the past that haven’t actually been very benefiting. That’s why we’ve been continuously developing our formulas for 20 years…we’re constantly perfecting the right balance! We now only develop formulations to improve health and well-being…not to accommodate the latest trends!

A natural formulation should always A) replace the harsh synthetic ingredients, things like parabens, alcohols, pegs and petro-chemicals which have an adverse effect and B) promote greater well-being for someone’s health.

Written by Jonathan Hamilton, Natural Elements

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